I’m a little late to the post PAX woes.

So I’ll make things short and sweet.

I don’t internet a lot so I don’t make many friends online that are far away from me. Now that I have many friends far away it bothers me that I cannot see them at any given moment. There is now a void in my life and all I can think about was the fun that I had and for a moment forgot about all the adult shit raining down on me for a while. Sigh. There is hope that all our far away new friends will be close to us some day. I look forward to many hangs with these people I had the pleasure of meeting.

I’m not tagging anybody because you know who you are. Plus I don’t know all your tumblr names by heart… How do you use this shit? Fak.

Post Pax woes. Be wary, it’s a lot.


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Ryan you are awesome, everyone I met this weekend is the best and it all wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me being with angel because I’m not a huge internet person. I can finally see how meaningful relationships can blossom in the craziest of ways. I miss you all and want to give you all hugs. At least I am in the group chat thing now and get to talk to you guys all the time!